The ClearView quality analyzer serves an uncompressed audio/video output (RGB or YUV) to an encoder, simultaneously captures the output via IP stream, file or video decoder, and aligns the resulting uncompressed sequences for testing. It uses highly accurate metrics to score the audio and video quality, or measure the absolute difference between what was sent and what was received and shows the two sequences in many different comparative views.

Testing Steps

  • Record or Import Your A/V Source File or use a pre-loaded one
  • Play the source test sequence to the device under test (DUT) as RGB or YUV
  • Record the output of the DUT or input a file
  • Automatically temporally and spatially align
  • Calculate quality score closely correlated to human perception
    – VMAF, MS-SSIM (on DMOS scale), and Sarnoff JND algorithms
  • Log and overlay graph each score type automatically with included Metric Log Grapher
  • View  the video sequences to verify the score

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