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White Papers

Analyzing 4K Video Quality –
Applications and Practices – Revised
Why Should You Monitor Your Video Quality?
Video Quality Testing For the IP and Internet Domains
Achieving Maximum Accuracy With Real-Time Video Quality Measurement
Using the Quality Dashboard
Real-Time Monitoring Explained
Advancing To Multi-Scale SSIM
Video Testing for Broadcasters
Video Testing for Display Manufacturers
Video Testing for STB Manufacturers
Video Testing for Encoder Manufacturers

Case Studies

Automating A/V Long Duration Testing
Monitoring Broadcast Quality
Head End A/V Quality Monitoring
Long Duration QA/QC Testing
Real-Time Video Quality Monitoring Explored
How Many Humans Does it Take to Judge Video Quality?
Can Objective Metrics Replace the Human Eye?
Can Video Quality Testing be Scripted?

In House Technical Papers

Understanding MOS, JND and PSNR – Revised
Digital Video – Encoder & Decoder Overview
The Status of Objective Metrics
How to Do Objective Video Testing

Objective Metric Assessment Techniques

ΔEITP Metric Recommendation
VMAF Metric Description by Netflix
University of Texas NIQE Metric Description
University of Texas MS-SSIM Metric Description
Sarnoff JND Metric Description
Recent Developments and Future Trends in Visual Quality Assessment
TID2008 – A Database for Evaluation of Full Reference Visual Quality Assessment Metrics
VQEG Report on the Validation of Objective Models of Video Quality Assessment
A Statistical Evaluation of Recent Full Reference Image Quality Assessment Algorithms – University of Texas Report

Subjective Video Quality Assessment (PDF only)

ITU-REC P.910 Methods for subjective quality for multimedia
ITU-REC P.913 Methods for subjective quality in any environment
ITU-REC BT.2022 General viewing conditions for subjective assessment of quality
ITU-REC BT.500-13 Methodology for subjective assessment of quality
University of Texas: Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Video
Comparing subjective video quality testing methodologies

Application Notes (PDF only)

Application Note: RTM Scheduler
Application Note: Log Graphing Tools for ClearView and RTM Systems
Application Note: How to Score Video Sequences with JND
Application Note: How to Align Video Sequences
Application Note: How to Import a File/Record from Hardware

3rd Party Reports

CV Shuttle 4K – TV Technology Product Review By Joey Gill

About Video Clarity:
Video Clarity, Inc. is a leading provider of video quality measurement and video analysis systems.  Products include RTM for video monitoring and automatic fault recording for before and after content is put to air and ClearView systems, video quality analyzers with extensive visual analysis capabilities and audio / video quality measurements. Additionally, the ClearView Player/Recorder line provides a reliable uncompressed video server solution for an engineering lab environment. All systems are offered with automated test routines to improve customer productivity and time to market with a quality product or service.