Corporate Profile

Video Clarity, Inc. is a leading provider of video quality measurement and video analysis systems.  Products include RTM for video monitoring and automatic fault recording for before and after content is put to air and ClearView systems, video quality analyzers with extensive visual analysis capabilities and audio / video quality measurements. Additionally, the Venue Player with ClearView Player-Recorder line provides a reliable uncompressed video server solution for an engineering lab environment. All systems are offered with automated test routines to improve customer productivity and time to market with a quality product or service.

Video Clarity started in 2003 with a simple mission:

  • Provide new, unique and reliable solutions to quantifiably analyze and monitor video quality and also provide reliable content recording and playback solutions


To maintain quality as compression standards change, everyone along the chain needs to constantly measure the performance of the compression engines on which day-to-day operations depend. “Digital compression” means having to make choices, including temporal resolution vs. noise, spatial resolution vs. image size, and luminance/color range vs. gamut. Any operation, large or small, from hardware/software designers to end user-producers who work with any kind of compression in standard or high definition, and now Ultra High Definition should subjectively and objectively analyze compression performance to know how their technical and aesthetic choices will look and sound to both a professional end-user or a home audience.

Video Clarity Provides Three Product Lines

  • Real-Time Monitor / Recorders (RTM) to check audio / video quality, audio offset, loudness and ancillary data quality. When the quality drops the A/V source and comparative test input is saved for review.
  • ClearView Video Analyzers for analysis of the video and audio quality either using quantitative, repeatable measurements or your own eyes & ears.
  • Venue Players provide a reliable solution for entertainment venues, R&D and quality assurance labs with programmable playback operations for all formats of uncompressed video.

RTM, ClearView and Venue Player systems are designed and built at Video Clarity specifically for reliable 24×7 operations for content playout and video quality test and measurement. We support all of our products through our Silicon Valley, US offices and through our worldwide distributor network. (LINK)

Video Clarity is a proud member of IABM, NAB, SMPTE, VPQM, and VSF. Video Clarity is actively collaborating with its customers and other industry product vendors from within these organizations to provide common video quality standards and interoperability.

Management BIOS

Video Clarity has highly experienced leadership and management in the broadcast product arena – Executive Management.