CV-SDI-IO-12G Interface Module

8K and 4K Systems Video and Audio I/O

The ClearView Extreme 8K and 4K, all ClearView Player 8K and 4K with Venue Player systems, and the RTM 4K system apply one CV-SDI-IO-12G module.

8K system models apply video up to 8192x4320p/60Hz via 12G-SDI from all four connections as inputs or outputs. 4K operations are up to 4096X2160p/60Hz, 8 or 10 bit 4:2:2, for dual input recording and playing multiple sequences on 12G-SDI connections and single HDMI 2.0 output.

Each CV-SDI-IO-12G interface module houses four programmable serial 12G SDI as High Density BNC (HD-BNC) serial digital video connections with supplied HD-BNC to standard BNC conversion cables as shown below. Note: For ClearView applications the default IO pattern for formats below 8K resolutions is #1 is primary input, #2 is secondary input, #3 is primary output, and #4 is secondary output. Venue Player application defaults are applying each numbered connector as an output. RTM 4K application shows all four connectors available as inputs.

The HDMI 2.0 output mirrors the #3 output up to 4K resolutions for playback operations on all player applications. Each CV-SDI-IO-12G interface requires a user supplied with HDMI cable due to varying requirements.

Available upon request only: Digital audio AES/EBU inputs/outputs on BNC via the “Multi IO” connector and cable set described below.

Specifications Per CV-SDI-IO-12G Module

Video & Audio Standards

Video Standards

  • 4 High Density BNC (HD-BNC)
  • 75 Ohm via 4 programmable mini connections with BNC conversion cables included
    • 8-bit, 10-bits per component 4:2:2
  • 12G-SDI/SDI – SMPTE-259/292/296/424/425a/b, 2082, 4K Quad or 2SI
  • HDMI 2.0 output on Type A connector with a user supplied cable
    • 8-bit or 10-bit 4:4:4, or 12 bits per component for Dolby Vision image format
  • Reference Input
    • 1 HD-BNC – Tri-level HD sync, composite sync, or black burst
    • or LTC Timecode Input
  • SMPTE-12M on 12G-SDI included, LTC timecode input and output via breakout cable available upon request
  • No Analog Video Connections

Audio Standards

  • 16-ch SDI embedded I/O per video source
  • 24-bit 48khz, PCM or Dolby ® Digital Plus with included Dolby Audio Decoder
  • 8-ch on AES/EBU on 4 BNC Input, 4 BNC output (not included, option only)
  • No Analog Audio Connections

I/O Formats Supported

Standard Definition (SD)

525i 59.94 Hz
625i 50 Hz

High Definition (HD)

720p: 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz
1080i: 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz
1080psf: 23.98Hz, 24Hz
1080p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz


2048x1080p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 47.95Hz, 48Hz ,50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz

2048x1080psf: 23.98Hz, 24.25Hz

Ultra High Definition (UHD)

3840x2160p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz


4096x2160p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 47.95Hz, 48Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz

UHD-2 & 8K

7680x4360p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz

8192x4360p: 23.98Hz, 24Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 47.95Hz, 48Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz

CV-SDI-IO-12G Connection – HD-BNC to BNC Cables Supplied