RTM – Broadcast and IP Video Quality Measurement and Monitoring

A full-reference broadcast or IP video monitoring solution to first measure quality of picture and sound, then find errors that you have missed, confirm errors that you have seen, and save the non-conforming segments for instant drag-n-drop recall for side-by-side playback analysis.

  • Measures the audio quality (aFreq) and video quality (PSNR or DMOS/MS-SSIM) versus reference input
  • Monitors and reports audio quality and video quality measurements in real-time via on screen graphical timeline
  • Measures the audio / video offset (lip-sync) without invasive processes
  • Meters and measures audio loudness according to industry standards
  • Checks individually selectable VANC lines in SDI or SMPTE 2110 for data integrity versus reference input signal
  • Records both reference input and test input if user set thresholds for A/V quality measurements are breached

ClearView – Perceptual Video Quality Measurement and Visual Analysis

Quantitative video quality measurement, analysis and automated video quality testing.

  • Resolution independent video quality analyzer with highest accuracy video quality measurements
  • Performs playback and recording simultaneously (up to 4096X2160p/60, system dependent)
  • Includes file or IP HD resolution stream importing/decoding/picture scaling
  • Performs up to four perceptual video quality measurements – VMAF, DMOS/MS-SSIM, Sarnoff’s JND, or NIQE
  • Applies two performance metrics, ΔEITP HDR color or PSNR Y’CbCr for video, aFREQ for audio quality and lip sync offset measurement
  • The aPEAK metric performs standardize loudness testing for full audio programs associated with video – ITU-R BS.1770-3
  • Incorporates side-by-side Viewing Modes for Subjective Assessment (LINK) up to 4K @ 60Hz 10 bit
  • Fully automatable testing with included command-line interface

Venue Players – Uncompressed Video Player / Recorders

Reliably record and play uncompressed video with audio and VANC data.

  • Uncompressed, multi-format HDTV and UHDTV Player / Recorders
  • Supports 8 or 10 bit in all models up to 8K (7680X4320) @ 60Hz
  • Features file ingest/decode, SDI and IP stream decoding/recording
  • Provides full VANC recording and playback on SDI or 10G IP
  • Includes Desktop GUI and Venue Player Manager for browser based set up and playback control
  • Custom control via IP as VDCP or full command line interface
  • Specific models include GPI trigger function to execute commands