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Sky Brasil Utilizes Video Clarity’s RTM with ClearView to Characterize their Signals and Services

Sky Brasil Utilizes Video Clarity’s RTM with ClearView to Characterize their Signals and Services

Campbell, CA, April 07, 2010 – Video Clarity, Inc. today announced that Sky Brasil utilizes RTM with ClearView to characterize the transmission path within their headquarters.

Sky Brasil evaluates the transmission path of each of its channels along with evaluating new digital algorithms and technologies using the Video Clarity RTM with ClearView. RTM analyzes the feed before the encoder and the return path after the Set-Top Box (STB). If the audio or video quality, A/V sync, or VANC quality drops below a defined threshold, then an alarm is raised and the A/V sequence is saved.

For each saved sequence, further analysis is performed using ClearView. ClearView performs deep, quantitative analysis of the picture quality and reports its finding using the DMOS or JND scales. It also displays the reference picture and processed picture in many different side-by-side modes allowing viewers to judge the results using their ears and eyes.

Sky Brasil uses the combination of RTM and ClearView to check both their new HDTV service as well as their legacy SDTV services.

“With the HDTV launch, we are continuously challenged to ensure that our customers receive the best video quality experience,” said Roberto Fonseca, Broadcast Manager, Sky Brasil.

RTM saves valuable man-hours by finding errors that you may have missed while watching and confirming errors that you have seen. Once found, it saves the A/V sequence around the error for deep analysis using the picture quality assessment tools within ClearView. The combined product provides a solution for the Sky Brasil who can monitor and assess within the same engineering lab.

“We are very pleased to provide Sky Brasil with a solution for evaluating their transmission path,” said Bill Reckwerdt, Vice President of Marketing, Video Clarity. “The fact that Sky Brasil has adopted RTM with ClearView confirms that our solutions hold a prominent place in the broadcast industry.”

RTM with ClearView is available today from Video Clarity or one of our partners.

About SKY Brasil Serviços Ltda.

SKY Brasil operates Latin America’s largest high definition television service. With approximately 1.800.000 subscribers, it is the leading satellite television provider, but also is the second largest MSO (Multiple System Operator). In Brasil, DIRECTV Group has 76% ownership of SKY, while Organizações Globo has 24%.

About Video Clarity

Video Clarity, Inc. is a leading provider of subjective and objective video quality analysis systems, which provide all the tools necessary for R&D laboratories, broadcasters, and transmission engineers to make deterministic measurements of video quality. Propelled by sophisticated technology and market expertise, Video Clarity’s RTM and ClearView systems are at the core of network broadcast, commercial and educational researchers around the world. Video Clarity, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Campbell, CA with distribution world-wide. For additional information, please visit the company’s Web site at