Video Clarity


Real-Time A/V Quality Monitoring

RTM is an Automated, Quality-of-Experience (QoE) Monitor, which measures the quality between two points. It does this after the decoder (STB) has had a chance to hide (or fix) the problems, which is exactly what the audience sees. RTM measures the video quality, audio quality, audio or video delay (offset), audio program loudness and VANC data accuracy. If any of these drop below a preset threshold, then an alarm is triggered and the sequences are saved. RTM saves valuable man-hours by alarming on all errors which affirms what the operator already has seen or alerts them to a potential problem which was missed.

RTM Solution Example

Head End Facility Live Monitoring & Alarming


RTM System Input Points

RTMMCWorkFlowRTM1 (1)

Monitoring, Recording & Alarming Benefits

  • Report errors to aid the person watching
  • Trigger events/alarms, and save the sequences for later review
  • Alarms when the error caused a perceived effect on video or audio




Specifications RTM, RTM 3G and RTM 4K


  • RTM: 1 rack unit, RTM 3G: 3 RU rack height, RTM 4K: 3RU rack height
  • RTM 1 RU: Input 2 streams up to 1080i/60Hz, RTM 3G: input 2 streams of upt to 1080p/50,59.94 or 60Hz
  • Software RTM Player included for full resolution side-by-side review of source and test side input recordings
  • RTM 1RU: 29 minutes of HD 1080i storage available for saved A/V sequences
  • RTM 3G: 518 minutes of HD 1080p storage available for saved A/V sequences
  • RTM 4K: 67 or 132 minutes of UHD 2160p 4:2:2 storage available for saved A/V sequences
  • RTM Data Sheet
  • RTM Manager Data Sheet

RTMManagerFront4.5_72dpi (1)

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