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Video Clarity Showcases New Product Additions for its Real Time Monitoring and ClearView Product Lines at NAB 2012

New feature enhancements for RTM and ClearView systems adds broadcast quality audio/video monitoring and test functionality for IP Video, IPTV and OTT applications

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 16, 2012 – NAB Booth #: SU11302 Video Clarity, Inc., a leading provider of audio/video quality monitoring and analysis solutions for broadcasters and equipment manufacturers, will debut and demonstrate at this year’s NAB 2012 exhibition and conference their RTM (Real Time Monitoring) and ClearView products with new feature enhancements for broadcast, IP video, IPTV and OTT (Over-The-Top) applications.

Over-The-Top networks are increasing in importance for entertainment content originators. RTM now provides a new OTT full reference test method for highly accurate service quality testing, allowing a source to be compared to the network delivery feed. Specifically, RTM’s new OTT features offer an automatic IP feed decoding operation with scaling of the source video to match downstream delivered formats, providing the most accurate assessment for picture quality, audio quality and lip sync in one solution.

The new RTM enhancements include:

Video Enhancements
• Integrated IP receiving/decoding added for cost savings and operational simplicity.
• IP video, IPTV & OTT quality monitoring solution for operators and product manufacturers.
• Automatic scaling of reference feed to size & frame-rate of IP feed.
• Full reference quality monitoring for video, audio, VANC, and lip sync in an IP environment.

Audio Enhancements
• Loudness measurement according to A/85 and the ITU BS.1770 standard.
• A graphical interface provides a loudness meter for visual score in real-time of a reference and downstream audio signal as well as long-term historical logging.
• The user can now set thresholds for min and max LKFS that, if exceeded, will trigger an AV recording, log and alert to a broadcaster’s automaton system.

These new additions to the fully featured RTM make it the most comprehensive end-to-end network delivery test solution to-date for audio, video and ancillary data, with unattended monitoring and recording of all fault events. The RTM system is now newly priced at $19,995 MSRP for NAB 2012. Its companion, the RTM Manager is $15,995.

Video Clarity has also added to the already rich feature set of its ClearView test and measurement analyzer product line for A/V quality analysis, subjective viewing, recording and playing of SD and HD uncompressed sequences. Already a staple for broadcasters, content originators and equipment manufacturers, the new feature enhancements include:

Automated Set Top Box (video device) test solution:
• Fully test video centric devices with no human intervention.
• Integrated solution including IR control, AC power control, signal conversion & routing.
• Test all video inputs/outputs, screen colors & resolutions.
• Test all audio inputs/outputs, audio levels, audio/video sync (lip-sync).
• Report generation, pass-fail, min-max-average compilation reporting.

Live IP input:
• Select, receive, and decode live IP streams directly into ClearView.
• Live scaling & frame-rate conversion.
• Record multiple IP streams simultaneously.

“Video Clarity is committed to developing the best-of-breed automated, real-time A/V quality monitoring and analysis solutions for the broadcast market,” said Blake Homan, President of Video Clarity. “To that end, we will continue to add functionality to our products that empower our customers to keep pace with the evolving broadcast landscape.”

RTM and RTM Manager are available directly from Video Clarity or one of our partners.

About Video Clarity

Video Clarity, Inc. is a leading provider of audio and video quality assessment and analysis systems for researchers, broadcasters, equipment vendors and AV distribution engineers. Propelled by market leading technology, Video Clarity solutions are highly valuable tools being rapidly adopted by major entertainment networks, leading broadcast product companies and the highest educational and government research organizations around the world. Video Clarity, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Campbell, CA with distribution world-wide. For additional information, please visit the company’s Web site at