Video Clarity


Real-Time A/V Quality Monitoring Portable System

RTM is an Automated, Quality-of-Experience (QoE) Monitor, which measures the quality between two points. It does this after the decoder (STB) has had a chance to hide (or fix) the problems, which is exactly what the customer sees. RTM measures the Video Quality, Audio Quality, Audio Delay, Audio Loudness, Video Delay, and VANC Data. If any of these drop below a preset threshold, then an alarm is triggered and the sequences are saved. RTM saves valuable man-hours by saving the sequences around errors for QA/QC review.

Long Duration Quality Testing

Objective Quantitative Video Quality Testing

Monitoring & Recording Benefits

  • Report Errors to Aid the Person Watching
  • Trigger Events/Alarms and Save the Sequences for Later Review
  • Bit Error Checking is Valuable, but RTM Records When an Error Caused a Perceived Degradation

Monitoring & Recording Features

  • Measures (and Reports) A/V Quality
  • Measures (and Reports) Audio Delay and Video Delay
  • Meters both incoming program signals for loudness
  • Measures the VANC data lines
  • Alerts if A/V Quality Drops, VANC lines are Missing Data, or Lip-Sync Issues
  • Records both syncronized inputs for length of quality drop
  • Controlled from SNMP, Command Line, or GUI (shown below)





  • 2RU
  • Record 2 streams up to 1080i/60Hz
  • RTM Player software included
  • Over 1.5 Hours of Storage Available for Saved A/V Sequences
  • Full Specification Sheets