Video Clarity


DVB-ASI Input & Output

(Legacy products. No longer sold.)


The ClearView DVB/ASI Input/Output Module captures and plays-out any MPEG-2 Transport Stream. Transport streams can contain HD, SD, data only, or even Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS). The MPEG-2 Transport Streams are captured and played out in accordance with the Digital Video Broadcast Standard DVB-C (Coaxial).

The DVB/ASI Input/Output Module captures the entire MPEG-2 Transport Stream. No timestamps are added, no PIDs are remapped, and the captured stream remains untouched. The only criterion for capture is the presence of a clock and DVB compliant packets. The captured frames are stored as compresse data within the ClearView system. From there they can be played out the DVB-ASI port or decoded and compared to other streams.

Physical Interfaces 
Input: (1) BNC Serial Digital
Output: (2) BNC Serial Digital
Clock Rate: 27MHz
Packet Size: 188 or 204 bytes
Max Stream Bitrate: 180Mbit/sec
Max Streams to Mux/Demux: 8 / 8