Video Clarity

ClearView Extreme Solutions

ClearView Extreme Solutions

When you need a high performance solution for subjective and objective analysis of video quality, the ClearView Extreme provides a suite of repeatable, objective quality measurements and that correlate to independently verified subjective quality studies and the ability to visually compare source video to processed results.

To maintain quality as compression standards change, everyone along the chain needs to constantly measure the performance of the compression engines on which day-to-day operations depend. Any operation, large or small, from hardware/software manufacturers to entertainment delivery networks who develop or deploy any kind of video signal processing in standard definition, high definition or ultra-high definition, should subjectively and objectively analyze compression performance to know how their technical and aesthetic choices will look to the viewing audience.

ClearView calculates the Video Quality Score and shows you results frame-by-frame.

Quantitative Picture Quality Evaluation


Automated Pass/Fail Testing


Interactive Subjective Viewing Modes – On Full Resolution HDSDI or HDMI outputs

Subjective Viewing Modes


  • Easy to record, align and play any resolution of video in a simple, single page graphical interface
  • Measure and then view graphical representation of quality scores while playing separate, full resolution video
  • Many models to choose from with hours of uncompressed video/audio storage


  • Preloaded with SD & HD test sequences/patterns
  • Automatic Spatial & Temporal alignment
  • Log & Graph and track results
  • Play and Record up to 1080P/60Hz (with HDSDI 3G) simultaneously
  • Play 2 or Record 2 AV sequences up to 1080P/60Hz (with HDSDI 3G)
  • Play and Record up to 3840X2160 60Hz simultaneously (4K and 8K models)
  • Play side by side of two 4K uncompressed 3840X2160p60 video sequences (4K and 8K models)
  • Play side by side up to 30fps of two 8K uncompressed 7680X4320p video sequences (8K models only)

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ClearView Extreme

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