Video Clarity

System Interfaces

ClearView Video Hardware Interfaces

ClearView Records A/V from the Device Under Test’s output and Serves A/V to the DUT’s input using a variety of hardware modules.

Dependent on model, ClearView can record 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI or HDMI.

To learn more about each I/O module, press on the photo below.
– Items in dark grey are legacy products, which are no longer sold

broadcast12g CV-SDI-IO-12G
broadcast4K-io-nc-cutcanvas CV-SDI-IO-4K2
broadcast4K-io-nc-cutcanvas CV-SDI-IO-3G
broadcastlhi-io-nc CV-SDI-IO-LHI
broadcastcorvid22-io-nc CV-SDI-IO-CVD22
broadcastcorvid-io-nc CV-SDI-IO-CVD
broadcast4K-io-nc-cutcanvas CV-SDI-IO-X2
broadcastad-io CV-SDI-IO-AD
dvi-out (1) DVI/VGA Output
dvi-in DVI/VGA Input
dvbasi-io DVB-ASI I/O