Video Clarity


The Sequence Manager pane displays thumbnails (or details) of the video sequences currently loaded into the current ClearView library. Two video sequences can be loaded at any time. Each video sequence is assigned a Viewport. After a file is imported or a video sequence is recorded via hardware inputs, the first video sequence is mapped to Viewport A. The second sequence loaded is mapped to Viewport B.

Note 1: If you are trying to achieve ultra-high frame rates, then it is preferable to load only one Viewport or to run from memory.

Note 2: Please remember that the sequence to be displayed must have the same bit depth (8, 10-bit), color space (4:4:4, 4:2:2), and resolution (1080i) as the current video output format (specified in the Video Output pane). Hovering the mouse over a sequence thumbnail will display the property information about the selected sequence.

Sequence Manager

This figure shows the pop-up display of video clip properties when the mouse cursor hovers over the thumbnail.

You can drop a video sequence onto the Viewport.

  • In A-only mode, the video sequence will be assigned to Viewport A
  • In B-only mode, the video sequence will be assigned to Viewport B
  • In A-B mode, the first video will be assigned to Viewport A. Every subsequent video sequence will be assigned to Viewport B.
  • In the other modes, moving the video sequence to the left side of the Viewport (or top in Horizontal Split) will assigned it to Viewport A. Moving the video sequence to the right side of the Viewport (or bottom in Horizontal Split) will assign it to Viewport B.

As the following figure shows, right-clicking on a sequence thumbnail allows you to change the Viewport assignment, to unload video sequences from memory or disk, to see the details, or to export the video sequence to a file.

Renaming the video sequence can be done by left clicking on the sequence name in Details or Thumbnails modes.

Sorting the Sequence Manager Pane can be done in Details or Thumbnails modes.
In Thumbnails mode:

  • Grab a sequence with the mouse, and drop it where you would like to move it.¬†Note: you cannot move the sequence to the first position. To move it to the first position, you need to move the sequence to the second position, and then move the first sequence to the second position.

In Details mode:

  • Sort based on any of the file type headers: Name, File Size, etc.

Sequence Manager Drop Down Menu

Sequence Manager Descriptions

Viewport A Assigns the video sequence to Viewport A (left or top window).
Viewport B Assigns the video sequence to Viewport B (right or bottom window).
Viewport Off De-Assigns the video sequence from both Viewport A and Viewport B
Unload Removes the video sequence from ClearView (unloads memory or erases from disk)
Thumbnails Sets the video sequence viewing mode to Thumbnails
Details Sets the video sequence viewing mode to Details
Export Exports the video sequence to disk.

Choosing Export opens the following dialog box:

Sequence Manager Export

Sequence Manager Export Descriptions

Sequence Properties Selected Sequence, Image Type, First Frame, Last Frame are informational only. They cannot be changed
File Type The video sequence can be exported as a BMP, RAW or AVI file
All Checking this box exports all of the frames.Unchecking this box allows you to set the first and last frame to output.
File Name You can type in the full path and filename or select Browse to find the file
First First frame to be exported.
Last Last frame to be exported
Browse Navigate to the filename
Stop Stop exporting
Export Start exporting
Exit Close this window
Note: You can output one video sequence to multiple files by exporting a list of frames (first frame/last frame) to multiple files (i.e. choose a File Name and press Export; then change the first frame/last frame and choose the next File Name and press Export).
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