Video Clarity

Effectively Combat Unacceptable Quality

The Single Most Effective Way to Combat Unacceptable Quality

Service providers are continuously adding new video services — IPTV, video on demand, peer-to-peer video streaming — in order to offer customers more options. What happens if one of these services has poor video quality? Simply identifying that the data was received with errors is not sufficient. The effect on the video quality needs to be defined and the severity and placement of the errors must be categorized.
The viewer is the ultimate judge of video quality and will immediately call customer support if the quality degrades or continually goes below acceptable levels. Service providers who are insensitive to viewer comments will eventually lose subscribers, and therefore significant revenue is at stake. Thus, it is imperative to use comprehensive video monitoring and analysis capabilities before and during content delivery.

If you are responsible for delivering video – whether to a cable or satellite service provider, content delivery network, or directly to viewers, you may be looking for a better way to manage quality.
The most effective method for evaluating video quality is to compare two points within the network using a full-reference technique. This approach let’s you pinpoint root causes of unacceptable quality.


When the equipment performing the test is supplied with two copies of the content, that’s considered Full Reference Testing. This method requires that you have a source (or reference) version of the video content, and a version that has been processed through some type of network or equipment. This technique allows measurements to be made in-service, so that normal video delivery can continue uninterrupted while tests are being performed.

This approach also eliminates the need to rely solely on an engineer to make quality decisions. While engineers still do visual assessments, they benefit from having an objective, highly accurate, numbers-based method and scoring system for quality that correlates to the subjective score they would assign during visual evaluation. This reliable scoring system can be used throughout the delivery chain and applied consistently to all types of content no matter what the delivery channel. We love consistency!




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